Released Order

It was early September of 1986; I boarded a boat along with many others in search of freedom, a better way of life and future.  The journey was frightening and perilous.  On the first day of the journey, a patrol boat identified the boat as an escape boat.  They fired shots at our boat, killing [...]

Bếp Lò – Cooking Pot

KỶ VẬT TỪ MẢNH BOM Khi ở “Trại Lao Động Cải Tạo”, chúng tôi được xử dụng khá nhiều nông cụ (tuy thô sơ và cũ kỷ!) như dao, rựa, cưa, kéo, kềm, búa, cuốc, xẻng…(tối về mới phải giao nạp vào kho vật liệu). Chúng tôi đã lợi dụng những giờ nghỉ sau khi  [...]

A Handkerchief

In November of 1979, after I had left Saigon, I went down to Hai Son parish in Ba Ria, Vung Tau province for an escape attempt. When we arrived we stayed in a small hut in the back of a garden that belonged to a strangely good-hearted man. He had an only daughter that I met with [...]

The Wallet

The Wallet and The Calendar/Handbook    After April 30, 1975, personal belongings in Vietnam became very scarce and precious. My wallet was not just to keep my money, but also to keep my favorite pictures. The wallet that I carried with me when I escaped also held a precious calendar/handbook about 2.25" x 3.50". I [...]

Chiếc Áo Tình Mẫu Tử

A Blouse of Motherly Love   I call this blouse "A motherly love's blouse.” It is a blouse which my mother personally sewed with her own hands for me prior to my escape from Vietnam by sea. My mother's wish was for her daughter to wear a beautiful blouse as we parted in sorrow. Just [...]

Chiếc Hộp Nữ Trang

The Jewelry Box   The time after April 30, 1975, was a dark period for both the South Vietnamese and myself. At Long Giao Prison, Long Khanh, I tried searching for materials, wanting to make a jewelry box for my wife as a gift. With all my love  and deep affections contained in creating that [...]

Thiệp Sinh Nhật

The Aluminum Birthday Piece For My Daughter.   Words for daddy‘s little girl     My heart suddenly remembered my only daughters’ birthday was quickly approaching. Daddy did not know what to give you. In prison, everyone worked incredibly hard, but they were fed a simple meal just enough for survival, a small rice bowl [...]

Chiếc Lược Ân Tình

The Comb Of Happiness Once we were sent to the northern detention camps, up the remote mountainous areas such as Yen Bai, Lao Cai, or Hoang Lien Son, the officers of the Republic of Vietnam, like myself, hoped to return home one day. Life in prison was filled with feelings of vengeance, and we were [...]

Áo Mẹ Ngày Nào

Chết - hoặc là được Tự Do. Đó là sự chọn lựa đưa tôi đến quyết định đi vượt biên rất nhiều lần dù mãi thất bại, mất mát, hiểm nguy và tù đày. Ở tù ra tôi lại tiếp tục đi nữa… Mỗi lần đi như vậy tôi phải ngụy trang thành người buôn [...]