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Diễm Xưa by 5-Year-Old Evan Le

Evan Duy Quoc Le

Evan Le (officially Evan Duy Quoc Le) was born on May 31, 2011 in Torrance, California. Born to Vietnamese American parents who do not have any background in music, Evan’s musical journey was not planned. In December of 2014 Evan received his first piano lesson at VRMA from Ms. Tuong Van Nguyen. He is currently under the tutelage of Miss Claudia Yun Xi (La Palma, CA, USA). Besides having perfect pitch, Evan reads and memorizes music pieces incredibly fast. In addition, his ability to compose has amazed his teachers.

VTC1 – Tin tức

Lễ Cưới Cổ Truyền

The traditional Vietnamese wedding is one of the most important ceremonies in Vietnamese culture, which is influenced by Confucian and Buddhist ideologies.The wedding consists of an extensive set of ceremonies: asking permission to receive the bride, receiving the bride at her house, and bringing the bride to the groom’s house. Both Vietnamese and oversea-Vietnamese who desire to have a hybrid traditional Vietnamese and Western-style wedding will often incorporate the last two ceremonies with the Western-style wedding. At the end of the ceremonies, there is a wedding reception for the two families and guests.  [Source  Wiki]

Quy Trình Làm Tranh Sơn Mài

Quy Trình Làm Tranh Sơn Mài

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