The Vietnamese Heritage Museum (VHM) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the preservation and exhibition of our Vietnamese refugees’ heritage. VHM collects and shares the testimonies and artifacts that tell the stories of the Vietnamese refugees. We wish to preserve this heritage for present and future generations to reflect upon.



Today, about four million Vietnamese live overseas. Even though the first recorded Vietnamese migration overseas dated back to 1226, Prince Ly Long Tuong and his family immigrated to Korea, the majority left Vietnam at the Fall of Saigon in April of 1975 and continued until 2009. There are three distinct waves in this mass exodus: The Fall of Saigon (1975); Boat People (1978-1992); O.D.P., H.O., and Amerasians (1990-2009).



1. The Symbol “S” represents the shape of the homeland of Vietnam. The “S” shape is the image of the homeland of love.
Yellow is the color of mature rice fields and the skin color of Vietnamese people.

2. The three red stripes are the waves and represent the people of the three regions of Vietnam that continue to rise above all challenges because of the undying desire for freedom. The red stripes of the logo are also meant to be a graphical representation of the Republic of Vietnam flag. The three curve forward figures in red represent three regions of Vietnam: North, Middle, and South people – all marching forward, symbolizing the will of the Vietnamese people from all the generations who have striven for a journey of finding freedom.

3. The boat represents the brave souls, who left their motherland to seek a better life abroad with the aim of living in a free world of human rights. In doing so, they developed a culture according to the momentum of civilization of mankind.

The symbol is a reminder of the Black April event, resulting in the mass exodus after the downfall of the Republic of Vietnam. People from all walks of life from many backgrounds (political, educational, spiritual, economical) yearned to escape eastward via the Pacific Ocean in search of a new life. This was the first wave of diasporas that subsequently led to other waves.

The embodied eye towards the front of the boat signifies the meaning of life and speaks of gratitude to those who have died at sea as a sacrifice for the pursuit of freedom, in return for the lives of all the survived.

The black refugee boat is in remembrance of the less fortunate people who were unable to land on the soil of freedom.

The configuration of all elements on the boat, which together form a triangle sail, symbolizes that all immigrants have overcome  challenges to deserve the freedom they now possess. The entire logo expresses the characters of the diasporas who carry with them their Vietnamese Heritage, transcendent nationality and strive to share, preserve, and educate the later born generations overseas of their roots.